Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager

Good product managers know the market, the product, the product line and the competition extremely well and operate from a strong basis of knowledge and confidence. A good product manager is the CEO of the product. Good product managers take full responsibility and measure themselves in terms of the success of the product. They are responsible for right product/right time and all that entails. A good product manager knows the context going in (the company, our revenue funding, competition, etc.), and they take responsibility for devising and executing a winning plan (no excuses).
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Atom – a hackable text editor for Developers

Atom - A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

Atom is a New editor been developed by Github since the day they started the Github? I am not sure about it, but the cool part is, Atom is an editor something similar to Sublime Text, additionally it has inbuilt chrome developer tools, that’s the advantage of it. other than you can experience a lighting fast than the sublime Text, and there are plenty more features…

I got six invitations for the Atom, if you want to try out the early versions of Atom, just mention me on a tweet or DM me in a tweet, would love to give your few invitations.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is been there since the internet was invented, the real need of FTP was started in 1990′ along side the birth with the World Wide Web. in early stage the Websites were build and published via FTP and yet today several developers and designers are building and deploying the applications and websites via FTP. all though the FTP has several issues. FTP is exceptionally slow, it is totally depends of the speed of the internet and it and it has several request and responses to done to accomplish the basic file transfer.

Here’s a video shows how a FTP, FTP client works.

But later on, the domination of GIT is spreading among the developers, indeed I am too. GIT is using it’s own protocol and which is significantly very faster than the FTP, and GIT was totally developed for faster version controlling. Now a days no one is developing HTML website, where as everyone is building CMS websites, because time has been changed. when depending on FTP, the file transfer form client to server will take ages, hence using a intermediate GIT to deploy the website/web apps will help the developers to faster deployment and will help to transfer files without loosing, wen breaking of a internet connection.

Here’s a video by Jeffry way, on how GIT  works

Believe there will be a simplified steps for non developers near future. Probably you will notice the different between the voice. FTP sounds so old, and git sounds so energetic and young. So it is time to say RIP for FTP. Unless if you are working on small projects.